We are proud to say that since its inception in 2003, bids&tenders has never lost a client. But how did we get here?

How we help suppliers

The online process saves suppliers from making costly math errors or failing to submit complete bids. It also ensures addenda won't be missed and that each bid is compliant at the time of submission. As a supplier, you can keep track of exactly where you are in the process, start, edit and finish it later. Because it's completely online, you can view, submit and bid 24/7 from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. No more missing bid deadlines or worrying if you've submitted all requirements. bids&tenders takes care of the administrative process so you can focus on what's important—putting your best foot forward in every bid.

What we offer buyers

For buyers, bids&tenders transforms the procurement process by eliminating paper, ensuring every bid received is complete and compliant, and removing any conflict or discrepancy behind bid closing and acceptance, all in one centralized location. Setting up a bid with bids&tenders is easy. You can create automatic reminders, specific requirements, and post addenda without worrying your suppliers won't be compliant. Take control of your purchasing by collaborating with bids&tenders to simplify every step of the bid process.

Our story (the history of digital procurement)

When we first started, digital procurement was just a shared dream between our team and the Town of Milton. Why did we see the need for this? Do you remember the stress of trying to get bids in on time the old-fashioned way? Of sending three cars on different routes to try to beat the closing bell? How about being the person behind the desk, explaining to an entry-level clerk why you couldn't accept their late bid while they pleaded with you that their job was on the line? We sure do, and so do the majority of our clients. Because we're suppliers too, we knew there had to be a better solution. Enter the Town of Milton.

Our first client

In 2003, the world was different. The population was just 6,326,000,000 people, the New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup, and Jessica Simpson first asked if Buffalo wings came from chickens or buffalos—and procurement was wasting millions of dollars and billions of pieces of paper per year in manual administrative, printing, submission and delivery costs and materials.

The Town of Milton saw this problem as well, and came to us with a request to set up "ebidding." At its inception, this meant the ability to make their bid documents and drawings available online instead of all suppliers having to print, pick up or ship for each bid they were interested in. Milton worked with us to create an ebidding platform, which we called bids&tenders. And we've been improving it ever since. Today, digital procurement means conducting 100% of the procurement process online on both sides of the bid, and making sure each bid is compliant and on time—no exceptions.

Why switch to digital?

Digital procurement solutions like bids&tenders save time and money for buyers and suppliers, and bids&tenders has the lowest price compared to our leading competitors. We also have the best and most reliable customer care in the business. We are proud to have transformed the procurement industry and to offer a variety of pricing options to both buyers and suppliers for our procurement platform.

Learn more

If you want to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us. We're happy to guide you through the process of bringing your procurement process online or in making the switch to bids&tenders.